Monday, 7 April 2008

Springtime Fashion Trends

Although it may not feel like it, spring is upon us and with the new season comes a new range of fashion trends to grace our wardrobes. The good weather is still interspersed with hail and snow showers, but on those days when the sun does come out, it's a prime opportunity to look good.

Because of the cold weather a winter coat is still essential, but other clothes can lose their heaviness so that when the sun shines you won't be too hot. Brighter colours are coming into the shops, although at the moment the full summer ranges aren't available. Instead we see a hangover of winter-wear, and if you want a winter bargain now's the time to find it.

For a spring look knee-length skirts are the way to go. Wear them with tights to keep warm but take advantage of the improving weather to show off a pair of killer shoes. A blouse and a long coat complete a sophisticated, seasonal look. Layering is absolutely key; you can combine colours and keep cosy.

For the night-time it's not yet warm enough for summer dresses, and party season is over so stunning frocks aren't really appropriate either. Trousers and a halterneck top are more suitable for the season, and you can spice any outfit up with your accessories.

There's a great range of bags coming into the shops, again in the new season's colours. Sparkles are out and the beach-look is in, so go for bright colours and bold patterns. Sunglasses can make a whole outfit look summery, and for a whole now big frames have been all the rage. These don't have to cost a fortune; they can be picked up at most high-street shops, although for a perfect fit you may have to pay more.

Gloves are out and jewellery is in. Try beaded bracelets of shell and glass to get a springtime look, and show them off on bare arms. Three-quarter length sleeves are great for this as you stay warm and get to show off a little flesh to. Big, chunky rings in primary colours are perfect for the season, and long charm necklaces look great. Because party season's over diamante necklaces are out, and sparkle should be avoided, especially in the daytime.

Hats are still a fashion must, but winter hats are obvious and should be avoided. Try baker-boys and berets instead, and don't go for knitted items. There are plenty of soft felts or cottons that aren't so warm and don't look like they belong in a blizzard. Again, choose bright colours and patterns to make a statement.

If you can't find accessories in the high street shops, check out eBay for last season's fashions. Brand new items can often be picked up at a fraction of their real price and you'll find things that are perfect for the turning weather. A lot of these items can be worn into summer; the trick is to layer them and lose the layers as the weather improves.

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